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International Brands with superior quality products and quick response service is our vision. There provide thousands of products for vertical and horizontal in industrial used.


MCCB (Molded Case Circuit Breaker) It is used for higher electrical load. Additionally, it is suitable for commercial and industrial used so its rated current normally more than 100A.
MCB ( Miniature Circuit Breaker)is rated under 100A with an interrupting rating of under 18,000A. It is used for smaller electrical load.


We provide ELCB ( Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker) in Schneider brand of EZCV250 and EZDV250.


ACB (Air Circruit Breaker) is used for the voltage level upto 440V and there are BA2000H, BA3200H, BA4000H, BA5000H and BA6300H types for chosen with Shihlin brand.
VCB (Vacuum Circuit Breaker) is used beyond the 440V. As the Shihlin brand, there is SVB-24 providing.


programmable logic controllers are usd in automatic production system or assembling production line for programming instruction. This is significant contribution to factory automation and logistic industry.
There are many brands for chosen and we can provide you the best products.

Magnetic Switches

MS is electric switch used to break high-voltage load circuits under normal or emergency operating conditions. You can find Schneider, Fuji, Mistubishi, Shihlin...etc brands in our store.

Surge Protective Device

Surge Protective Device is for machine or system to protect with surge or leakage. These device installation for safety and extending using life of system or machine.

Motor Starter

We provide MS in Schneider and Shihlin brands for our customers in many different ways for using. You can find Schneider, Fuji, Mistubishi, Shihlin...etc brands in our store.


Inverter is used for current adjustment for AC to DC.
There is Schneider ATV series, Shihlin, Mistubishi and other brands with competitive prices.

Safety Module

For the regulation of safety issue raise up, FA system and Plant control system are using safety module in every section widely for stardard. The safety module is the best chose for upgrade in your currrent equipment. As stated, there is XPS series for chosen.

Proximity/Photo sensor

There are many brands in this sensor field and we provide many brands with different function for our customers. For TW local brands, you can find Tend. We have provided Schneider and Panasonics for different choice.

Limit/Macro Switch

These are for FA machine design used and logistic system. There are OsiSense XS standard series, Specail format and ATEX D in Schneider. You can find TM, TW and TZ series of Tend.

Relay/ CT

There are RXM, RUM, MY, LY, MK and RU series for chosen. We have Omron, Schnieder and IDEC brand for different request in the control system design.
There is CT for Shilhlin and other TW brands for chosen. CT can be used on higher current adjust into lower current for electricity distribution and using.

Power Supply

There are many different brands of power supply and these are useful for electricity distribution or power design.

Warning System

In the factory or machine section, warning system is very important for the security issue. Warning System can be used on machine working determine and plants safety determination. Normally, it is using tower light and Buzzer in combination for reaching the standard. There are AUER and Schneider can be find in us.


For high power electrity distribution used, Shihlin with high quality with certificate for the capacitors.
CKD brand provide for different reqeust of our customers.


There are many different choice for electrical components or accessories as your option, like cable, wire and terminal...etc.

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Kuangi was established in 1985 in Taipei, Taiwan.
From 2011, we start our Tainan office for serving our customer and expending our business.
Kuangi has dedicated into the automation and controlling system and components with exceeding service and good quality products.
We extended our business and product categories from 1988 for introducing Telemecanique, Schnieder Electrics into our product line.
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